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About a year ago, I started looking for a post athletic career trainer.  I wanted this person to understand my background and training history, tailor a high intensity workout program and (most difficult/critical) keep me motivated.  Training for lifestyle/health as opposed to sport/competition was a completely foreign concept to me.

Upon calling Elizabeth and setting up an appointment, I immediately had my concerns.  She was kind, sweet and enthusiastic.  I was used to and frankly more comfortable with gruff, cold and borderline unfriendly. I decided to give her a shot though, and I am so thankful that I did.

Elizabeth is as good as any trainer that I have ever worked with, at any level. I trust her 100% to push me to my mental and physical limits while keeping me safe and healthy.  She is a master motivator, and knows the right mental buttons to push to get me to perform at my peak.  Her workouts are direct, well planned and never dull or repetitive.  Thanks to Elizabeth, I am as happy mentally and physically as I have been since the end of my athletic career.

– Donny, Los Angeles CA


I guess I should start this by introducing myself, my name is Joe Malkiewicz and I am a client of Elizabeth’s at Malibu Health and Fitness. I grew up always involved in sports, mainly with swimming. Even though I was involved in sports throughout elementary and high school, I was still considered heavy when it came to my weight. It became a real problem after high school when I moved out here to California for college. This is when I stopped working out completely, and continued to eat like I was a competitive swimmer. I gained quite a bit of weight, which is why I started to research personal trainers to help me jump start getting back into shape.

While researching personal trainers, I found Elizabeth and immediately knew I wanted to work with her. One thing I really enjoyed was that she took the time to set up an interview before beginning our workouts to gain a better understanding of what I was looking for from her as a trainer. She did a great job of setting small goals for me, which kept me on track instead of just looking at the end goal of where I wanted to be. Her workouts are very personalized and enjoyable, especially since most of them are outside with great views.

I have been training with Elizabeth for about a year now, and the progress I have made is pretty substantial. I have lost around fifty pounds since starting with her and couldn’t have done it without her. I’m not going to lie, it has been tough but having her workouts three times a week were what kept me on track and motivated me to reach my goal. There were times where I became discouraged and she sat me down and reassured me that what I was doing was working and to not worry. The biggest thing she taught me was that the process of loosing weight and getting back into shape takes time; it’s not an over-night thing.

– Joseph, Malibu CA


I found Elizabeth through Yelp when I moved to Malibu, and she has transformed my outlook on working out! With her help I have lost 11 pounds in less than 2 months. She is extremely dedicated to making sure you not only achieve your goals but you’re encouraged along the way. She is a gem to work with, and I can not tell you how much she has changed my life. I used to not even be able to run a mile, and now I can run 5 and a half miles! In fact, earlier this month a timed mile was merely my warm up. She is truly dedicated to helping you achieve your goals, instills such joy and diligence into every work out, and is extremely knowledgable. I get bored in the gym, so we scheduled our workouts outside, and now I have a list of great exercises and routines I can do when on my own. Elizabeth is worth every penny, and she’ll transform your body as well as help you achieve your goals. She’s also extremely organized, so after each workout you’ll receive everything detailed out, so you can repeat the workout on your own! She truly is a gem!

– Lindsey, Malibu CA 


I have used other trainers in the past and have always been generally pleased with my results, but I’ve never felt the support and made goals for the future the way that Elizabeth has done with me.  Before ever working out, we sat down and walked through my aspirations and hopes for our training, and I believe this has made all the difference.  She is sure to guide you to get you where you would like to be, and even when she is not with you she sends helpful emails of what you can work on that day.  She personalizes her workouts to each client depending on their goals and really cares about getting you there.  She may be petite, but Elizabeth SURE kicks your butt and pushes you to your maximum potential.  Since beginning with her, my measurements have decreased in everything and I am much stronger, with greater endurance as well. She teaches you tools you can utilize on your own time as well, which is incredibly valuable.  Whether you’re interested in weight loss, toning, or gaining muscle– I promise you Elizabeth Simonton will get you where you want to be.

– Jamie, Malibu CA


My husband and I recently spent 9 weeks in Malibu on an extended vacation from London and we hired Elizabeth as our personal trainer during that time.  We had both individual and joint training sessions with Elizabeth at our house and also at local beaches, trails and state parks.  I had given birth to our second daughter six weeks previously so was keen to increase my fitness gradually and Elizabeth took account of this in her training programmes and was careful to avoid any high impact work which could have negatively impacted my post-natal recovery.  My husband was taking a well earned break from work and was keen to work on his overall fitness.  Elizabeth suited both of us perfectly and was very enthusiastic in her work-outs and devised tailored programmes for each of us which were varied and interesting.  We really enjoyed getting to know Elizabeth and for us, her local knowledge of Malibu was invaluable.   We also enjoyed some great hikes with Elizabeth in the Santa Monica Mountains and I even tried out a rock climbing session – we will take home some very happy memories.   If only she could continue our training in London!

– Steve & Michelle, London England


A friend recommended I try Malibu health and fitness after listening to me rant about my inability to commit to an exercise regime. I typically get bored very easily, but Elizabeth, the trainer behind Malibu health and fitness, put a stop to that immediately. I’ve done cardio work, weight training, and am even learning to rock climb-a fantastic upper body workout-with Elizabeth and she’s been amazing through it all. Her knowledge is vast and each session with her makes me feel stronger and more capable of reaching my fitness goals. When I told her how much I hated running, she created an incredible cardio-resistance routine that centered on moving uphill as opposed to straight ahead. It was a little slice of cardio heaven!

If you want a trainer who is motivational-but not overly chipper, knowledgable about all things exercise-but never condescending, and who wants you to not only be happy with the way you look, but to achieve the highest level of physical and mental health possible – then Elizabeth is your woman.

– Jessica, Agoura Hills CA 


I recently started training with Elizabeth, and I’m already thrilled with the progress I’ve made.  Every session is customized to target my problem areas and made to accommodate my fitness level.  Elizabeth brings a lot of fun and energy to our meetings while still pushing me to my limits.   She also made me a work out plan for the days we don’t meet so that I can stay on track and reach my goals.  For me, working out used to be something I dreaded.  Now I’m excited for our sessions and more motivated to work out on my own time as well.  Elizabeth’s knowledge and engaging attitude have completely changed my exercise habits!

– Katelyn, Malibu CA


 Elizabeth is fabulous! Enough said! She has incredible energy and as a result keeps my energy up. She comes well prepared for every workout session, but is flexible if something occurs to mix it up. Elizabeth is so detailed, she really got to know my needs and found a way to carry them out into each workout to achieve my goals. Elizabeth has found a way to make each session fun and different. I love the days when I have Elizabeth scheduled for a workout!!

– Alicia, Malibu CA